10 Things You Might Have Missed on Your Last Visit to Camera Obscura

Regular visitors to Camera Obscura might think they’ve seen it all, but here are a few of our newest exhibitions – and things you might have missed before!



Up until Christmas, we have a thaumatrope activity on level two. Make your own snowman spinner with our Christmas Mascot!


Facebook Photo - SMALL


Spying on Those Spying

Many visitors use the pinhole camera to turn their friends and family members upside down. However, did you realise that on the wall beside you there is another pinhole spying on visitors using the view cams in the next room?




Bendy Men

Speaking of view cams, did you notice the little mascots we planted near the cameras?




The Cat

Many visitors get a fright at the sight of the giant spider in the holograms room, but those with nerve and an observant eye might have spotted another animal nearby…




New pictures depicting scenes from Alice in Wonderland and Pride and Prejudice are make lovely additions to the third floor. They are not just pictures, but litographs: look closely, and the words of the book itself make up the image.








This will sound strange, but did you see the toilets? The illusions stop nowhere…!





Even the floor plan has a bit of a twist: the toilets are on level one, while Edinburgh Vision is level two, therefore Bewilderworld must be level one and a half. Bewildering indeed!




Hidden in the Middle

The recent addition to Bewilderworld, Hidden in the Middle, is most often noticed as visitors stumble out of the Vortex Tunnel. Perhaps this is why some people have difficulty in spotting the pictures hidden in a single row of lights!




Towards the End

As you leave the exhibitions and head to the shop, look up: the roof is mirrored. You can look up to watch yourself going downstairs, like something from an Escher painting. Just mind you don’t trip!




The Musical Stairs

As you’re heading down, there’s one last interactive exhibition: the musical stairs! These are a very recent addition to Camera Obscura, so even regular visitors might not yet have had a chance to try their feet at Do, Re, Mi.



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