Try This At Camera Obscura: Learn More About Our Exhibitions!

Our World of Illusions houses a collection of weird and wonderful exhibitions that offer a little more than meets the eye. Even when you have worked them out, there are sometimes different ways to use them. Here are a few things to try!


The light painter uses different coloured torches to ‘draw’ on the screen. You can also shine the torch on yourself and see your face appear on the screen. Another trick is to point the light straight into the camera – at the bottom of the screen – and fill it with colour. Then smile, press ‘reset’ and it will capture your picture.

Light Painter

Level Two: Edinburgh Vision

The infinity corridor is a beautiful exhibit to begin with, but it can produce a variety of unusual photos depending on your camera settings. Try adjusting the exposure and moving the camera.

Infinity Corridor

You will find collections of portraits in many museums, but at Camera Obscura these are no ordinary pictures. Not everybody looks at these too closely, but look what happens when the pictures are viewed from different angles:


Our new thermal camera provides an even clearer picture than before. Compare your body heat with that of the ice bottle, leave your handprints on the wall behind you, or turn your hair from blue to green just by putting your hands on your head for a few seconds. Mothers-to-be can even see their unborn babies on the heat cam.

Thermal Camera


Level Three: Light Fantastic

There are some impressive holograms in the collection. However, peer closely at this one and you’ll find it looks back!


The Find Your Twin camera can produce lots of great effects, from jumping with one foot still on the ground to shaking hands with yourself or having two heads. You can even make it look like your head has disappeared!


You probably laughed about turning yourself into a chimp with the Face Transformers, but were you using the machine that lets you merge into your friend? Choose the booth on the left-hand side to try it.

Morph Machine

Level Four: Magic Gallery

In the Magic Gallery, we have a giant plasma dome, but did you notice the fluorescent tube beside it? If you put one hand on the dome and the other on the bulb, you can switch on the light!

Plasma Ball

You can capture your shadow on the shadow wall, but if you have a torch on your mobile (or in your bag, if you’re incredibly prepared!) you can embellish the image with writing or other scribbles. Just use the torch like a pen to add angel wings, funny faces or your name alongside your shadow.

Shadow Wall C

Have you tried these things already? Tell us your other tips and tricks in the comments section!

Written by Lauren Robertson


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