May the 4th Be With You!

Good afternoon, Star Wars fans and everyone else. It may be tenuous, but we’re going to use May the 4th as a link to talk about the different types of forces at work at Camera Obscura!



You can defy gravity (sort of) by appearing upside down in the giant pinhole camera. The lens flips the image upside down. This is how your eyes see the world, but your brain turns the picture the correct way up.



Pinhole Camera



You can see the effects of friction in the thermal camera. If you rub your hands together, the friction between then produces heat, so they will start to change colour as they get warmer.


giant hand thermal cameracropped

Thermal Camera



There are electrical forces all around us, but we can visualise electricity in the Magic Gallery, which houses a plasma dome, lightning tubes and a crackle ball. If you place one hand on the plasma dome and the other on the fluorescent tube alongside, the tube lights up. This demonstrates how electricity moves around the body.


Plasma Ball

Plasma Ball



Applied force can be quite simply the pressing of buttons. Camera Obscura has many interactive exhibits that you control, from pressing a button to see the praxinoscope to watching the singing cats, or moving the view cams around the city.



Singing Cats!


Air resistance

It can get really windy on the rooftop – enough said!



Views from the Rooftop Terrace


Written by Lauren Robertson

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