Alice in Camera Obscura Wonderland!

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do for work experience in S3. Would I go back and work as a helper in my primary school, or would I help organise files in my Mums office? Fortunately my Mum still knew the manager of the Camera Obscura as she used to work there as a guide. I am quite interested in languages as I am learning German and Mandarin at the moment, so I thought that this would be a good place to use my language skills and build my confidence.

view 1 - imagine 11

The Stunning Views

After introductions to the friendly staff, my first job was to walk around and keep watch over all the exhibits. I had been to Camera Obscura before so I found my way about easily, but I had completely forgotten about all the stairs!

Image 5

Camera Obscura Exhibits

The shop was next on my list so I headed there to help bring up stock from the basement and place items back on their correct shelves. I also helped watch over a few shows at the camera. After lunch I repeated each job, helping out around the exhibits and making a few colourful bracelets in the shop! Throughout the week I was given lots of tasks to be busy with, including helping with some archiving in the basement, pricing stock in the shop, cleaning the exhibits and more.


Me and the Shop Stock

My highlight of the week would have to be the whole experience of working somewhere for the first time. It’s been very scary and I worried about how I was going to get on but it was a brilliant week.  I would definitely recommend the Camera Obscura if you’re wondering what to do for work experience as you are kept busy and are working around lovely people. It’s also a great place if you’re looking for a fun family day out because of all the fun interactive things for the kids, and the show itself is always interesting and enjoyable.

view 2 - Image 8

Another Stunning View!

So, after a week exploring all the exhibits, what is my favourite one? It would have to be the holographic images on the 4th floor. I always get a fright when I walk past that tarantula!

Tarantula at Camera Obscura

The Camera Obscura Tarantula!


Written by Alice Black


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