Pass the Panda for Earth Hour 2014

Following a visit from a lost penguin, we had another unusual guest to Camera Obscura:



Teddy the panda!

This panda is one of sixty special pandas distributed around the UK to raise awareness of WWF’s Earth Hour. They are making their way around the UK, and to help you track their journeys, their recipients are taking ‘selfies’ with them and posting using the #passthepanda hashtag. Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Stephen Fry have already got involved, so Camera Obscura was honoured to have a visit from one of these special bears.

So what did Teddy get up to during his time at Camera Obscura? He took in some of the best views in the city…



…found several look-a-likes in the mirror maze…

Panda - Mirror Maze small


…and even got married…

Panda - Wedding! small

But eventually had to move on to Mary King’s Close



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