Thank Your Teacher with Camera Obscura: top ‘thank yous’ from our gift shop!

We’re reaching the end of term now, so kids might be thinking about getting a little something for their favourite teachers…and we’ve got just the thing to say ‘thank you’ in a unique way.


‘F In….’ Books


We now stock some brilliant books that gather together funny answers to questions about history, science, literature and more. F in Retakes, F in English, Blackboard Blunders, amongst others, are hilarious (sometimes vaguely worrying) reads that will remind teachers of the best attempts their own pupils have made at trying to pass exams. Here are some wee snippets from F In School and F In Science

Q. Define Capital Punishment … A. When you get in trouble for not putting a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.

Q. Where are vegetable oils found? … A. In the oils aisle



Ducks, ducks and ducks!




‘The world according to teachers’ is a little book on a keyring containing lots of quotes about teachers and teaching….


For quirkier teachers, we have dressed-up ducks. Or for teachers that particularly like ducks.


For their tea and coffee, what teacher wouldn’t love a heat-sensitive Pacman mug? Or a mug that changes from a day image to a night image when you add the tea? We have a large selection of unusual mugs that will probably be ‘borrowed’ in the staff room.


Camera Obscura & World of Illusion Bears

Cuddly Bears

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? Particularly a plush teddy bear in a hoodie!

Chocolates & Shortbread

For teachers with a sweet tooth, pick up some shortbread or chocolate.



A great addition to any classroom, teachers can keep a worry-eater to aid communication with pupils, who can write any questions or concerns and put them in the worry-eater.


Worry Eaters

Melting clocks

When counting down the minutes until lunch, wouldn’t it be nice to have an unusual clock to look at? Some art teachers especially will love the reference!


Melting Clocks



Nail puzzles, Sudoku, lateral thinking puzzles, IQ tests, jigsaws – we have the best variety of puzzles in Edinburgh!


If they always have a book on their desk, why not gift them a special 3D bookmark?


Lenticular Bookmarks

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