Ducks make a splash at Camera Obscura!

Ducks are one of Camera Obscura’s favourite animals. I even brought this back from a holiday across the pond (I know you see what I did there):

Camera Obscura Ducks

Statue of Liberty (Duck!)

Camera Obscura Ducks

Famous Ducks


Great minds think alike, and I came back to James Pond, Sue Ducku, Bob the Billduck and Ductor House, amongst others. Everyone’s quackers.


Camera Obscura Ducks

The Duck Pond


We’ve created an amazing pond for them here at Camera Obscura. They’ve taken to it like ducks too… I’ll stop there.




Camera Obscura Ducks

Flashing Pirate!


This is not just a place for your average duck in fancy dress, however. There are also mini flashing ducks, a duck mood light, and lip balm and bubbles in duck-shaped containers.


Water you waiting for?!

Camera Obscura Ducks

Camera Obscura Ducks


Written by Lauren Robertson


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