Cameron the Camera Obscura Bear: ‘My Ramsay Lane Adventure!’



Cameron the Camera Obscura Bear

I can’t bear being in the same place for too long! After the whole day it took me to type my last post to you, I needed to get out of the office.

I sat on the wall outside while I thought about where to go.



The Camera Obscura Mirror







I realised after a minute or ten that there was actually a lot to see right in front of me.

This is an odd mirror outside of Camera Obscura where I could look at myself. If I got really close, my head went upside down.





I made the mistake of waddling down Ramsay Lane. It is so steep that it is difficult to walk down, though of course it is more difficult to walk back up.


Ramsay Hill Lane

I did manage to get this awesome photo though:

Cameron the Camera Obscura Bear

Cameron the Bear Selfie!

The sky matches my hoodie. In the background you can see the Scott Monument, which I will climb one day when I am used to the steps at Camera Obscura. There are 287 steps to the top of the Scott Monument! Beside it you can see the clock of the Balmoral Hotel.

I also got a picture beside the Patrick Geddes trail sign, because he was the second owner of Camera Obscura:


Cameron and Geddes!

He also developed Ramsay Garden, which is almost next door. I had to jump very high to get these pictures.


Cameron at Ramsay Garden

Do you see the cat?

Then after climbing such a big hill, it was time for a rest!




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