Camera Obscura Toilet Seat

Crocodile Toilet Seat

Visitors to the Camera Obscura can wonder why we include our toilets amongst our illusions.  However, one visit to the little girls/boys room explains it all …

Our toilet seats are quite snappy.  The crocodile is one of the styles of seats we have, and our toilet walls are covered with lenticular posters, hidden images and other illusion images.

Our toilets are not the only ones with a hidden illusion.  The Shard, in London, has its toilets on the 68th floor.  You can do your business whilst watching the city of business through one-way glass.


I suppose at 750 feet, you need not worry about anyone looking in, except maybe Superman!

Here are some other toilet illusions.


A Floor-Less Bathroom


One way glass toilet in Houston, Texas


Georgia Max Coffee, Japan


This toilet seat scares a lot of people!


Roman loos at the Puzzling World of Wanaka, New Zealand


Watch out below…


And, of course, we must end with … The Iron Throne



Image Credits:
tinyurl.com/kmzu4ft; tinyurl.com/l3skmqz; tinyurl.com/cjjp6l; tinyurl.com/lgtb9b9; tinyurl.com/mq2uttx; tinyurl.com/kxuup3u; tinyurl.com/mllg8uk

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