Visiting Camera Obscura with Cameron the Bear


For those of you who have not been to Camera Obscura yet, I decided to show you what an average visit is like. It can take two hours to see everything, so make sure you have enough time!

First, you find us on Castlehill, just before the castle:

Cameron the Camera Obscura Bear

The Camera Obscura Entrance

Get a ticket at the reception desk. This is where you get a time to see the camera obscura, which is the only exhibit that needs a guide.


‘Your show in the camera obscura starts at 10 o’clock.’

My camera obscura show was ten minutes later, so I started to climb the 98 stairs. It is very difficult with little legs like mine.



One step down… 97 to go…

When I got to the top, it was time to see the camera obscura.


There are no photos in that room, as the light from phones and cameras can affect the camera obscura picture.

Afterwards, you can leave your email address to take part in the visitor survey. I do not have an email address, but I am well-known enough to just write Cameron the Bear and they know who I mean.


Leave some feedback

You can look around the rooftop and try the binoculars and telescopes. There are some translations of the information panels if you need them.



Next up, there are four floors of illusions to look around. I hope you have brought your camera to get some funny photos!


Where has my body gone?


If Cameron the Bear were Cameron the Chimp


Almost as tall as a small human!

Twins Exhibit

And then there were two


See things close up with the microscopes


So many of me


I feel a bit sick now

Once you have seen the camera obscura, you are free to look around the World of Illusions at your own pace. If you don’t want to see all the exhibitions at once, you can even get a hand stamp from the desk and come back later in the day. Or you can have a look around the shop!


Hope you have fun!


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