Animazombs invade Camera Obscura: Cameron meets Victor!


As well as being an adventurous bear, I am the mascot of Camera Obscura. So it was a real bug bear this week to find out that some people thought a giant zombie rabbit was some kind of representative of the place.

I first spotted our visitor on our brand new Viewcams. We now have 4 HD cameras!

Camera Obscura

Spotted on the viewcams!

The animazombs also live in the Camera Obscura shop, but normally they are the same size as me, so I did not understand the stories that there was a giant in the building. Until I met Victor:

Camera Obscura

Introducing Victor!

He is taller than most humans but he is a rabbit.


I think he is just visiting to help us celebrate Hallowe’en. I think I will be glad when he is gone.

Camera Obscura

The Ames Room

The normal-sized animazombs are less scary. They are all up for adoption, and you get a free crate for them to live in.

Camera Obscura

Animazombs are up for adoption!

I do not think I would like to live in a crate, because I still want to see the whole world! But, each to his own…


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