Halloween at Camera Obscura: Zombies Party on Witches’ Territory

In Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, there is a wall of portraits. It is perfectly ordinary on first glance, but a second glance might reveal completely different people than you saw before…

Take Grandpa Esbat, for example; what a lovely portrait this is of him:

Grandpa Esbat 1

Or is it?!

Grandpa Esbat

The haunted portraits use lenticular lenses that allow you to see different parts of an interlaced image.

The haunted portraits are available in the shop with a fantastic 20% discount this Halloween. Choose from Aunt Sarah, Granny Gertrude, Cousin Claudia and many more.

Animazombs promote portraits - at Camera Obscura

Haunted Portraits!

There are plenty of other Halloween tricks and treats in the shop, which the animal zombies, aka Animazombs, have been investigating! We’ve got potion bottles…

Animazombs drink potions - at Camera Obscura

Great Props for Parties!

…and spell books….

Spell Books - small

The Witches’ Spell Book

…and, of course, the Animzombs themselves!…

Animzombs - small

Get a free crate with every Animazomb!




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