Teeny Tiny Toddlerfest ’15

Toddlerfest full image

This winter Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is thinking small. While older children return to school after the Christmas break we will be transforming the centre into the perfect place for a visit with under 5s.

On a normal day your visit includes a Camera Obscura show, six floors of interactive exhibits, a gift shop and an all-day ticket. During Teeny Tiny Toddlerfest we are adding even more. Exclusive Camera Obscura shows for familes will leave the lights up, just in case you don’t like the dark, have lots of toys to keep little hands occupied, and mean that you don’t need to worry about the noise your toddler makes during the show.

64 camobs - SMALL

Wavy Mirrors

Extra exhibits will focus on play at a toddler’s level; both developmentally and by physically lowering some exhibits. We will also have more seating for parents so that you can relax a bit while the toddlers are entertained (we guarantee they will be).


Giant Plasma Ball

We also know that toddlers are unlikely to wait for a meal, so whilst you are welcome to head out to a café and come back later, we are also opening up a quiet room; for feeding, relaxing and sharing a cuppa with friends.

Plus, if you book before 31st December you will get your tickets at 2014 rates! Just get in touch with Alyce (details below) to buy your tickets.

If you have any other ideas for us on how to make Camera Obscura an even better venue for young children, please let us know. We have a survey here:


Anyone who participates will be given a voucher for 20% off the admission price (and don’t forget, under-fives are completely free)! Or you can contact Alyce directly.

Alyce ‘Bubble Queen’ Paton

Alyce@camera-obscura.co.uk  |  0131 226 3709  |  www.camera-obscura.co.uk


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