Paddington Bear Visits Camera Obscura: Cameron’s Hall of Fame!

This week we had a V.I.B (that’s ‘Very Important Bear’) visit us at Camera Obscura, my childhood hero: Paddington Bear. I could bear-ly believe my eyes when I saw him walk through the door, briefcase and all.

Paddington Arrives - small

Paddington arrives at Camera Obscura!

As I am a V.I.B myself, it was my job to show Paddington round the building. We had so much fun!

First I gave him a ticket and explained how the exhibitions worked. Not that he had to worry about getting lost, he had the best tour guide available.

Paddington get his ticket - small

Paddington gets his Camera Obscura ticket

We walked up all the stairs to the top floor. Stairs are tough when you have little bear legs. We had to paws to catch our breath a few times…..phew!

Paddington Climbing Stairs - small

Paddington tackles the Camera Obscura stairs!

It was dark when Paddington arrived so he couldn’t see the Camera Obscura show but we did enjoy the views and spying on the people of Edin-bear-ugh with the telescopes.

Paddington at Telescope - small

Paddington spies on Edinburgh from the Camera Obscura Rooftop

And then I lost Paddington in the Mirror Maze….. oh no!

Paddington in Mirror Maze - small

Paddington hides in the Camera Obscura Mirror Maze

I had such a fun day with Paddington, we are now BBF’s (Best Bears Fur-ever).

Paddington & Cameron - small

Paddington and his BBF!

I wonder who the next Celebrity in my Hall of Fame will be…….


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