Cameron explores….a Christmas in Canada!

Canada 1


Joyeux Noël!

I am in Quebec.  Quebec is a part of Canada where they speak French.  The French speaking Canadians here are called Québécois


canada 2

In Quebec, it is very cold and there is a lot of snow.  I love it!  Because of the snow, many people decorate their houses with lights.  I have never seen so many lights.  It is beautiful.

canada 3

On Christmas Eve, family and friends get together for a big meal!  Everyone brings a different dish.  Because a lot of people hunt in Canada, they eat a lot of meat, like tourtière (a meat pie), cipaille (a meat and pastry pie with many layers of different meat and pastry) and ragout de pattes de cochon (pork stew with meat balls).

They also have tasty sweets like bûche de Noël (a Christmas chocolate log) and sucre à la crème (a bit like Scottish fudge and tablet mixed together).  I brought some Scottish shortbread.  I hope they like it.

Canada 4 - small

In Quebec people get presents twice!  On Christmas Eve there is a secret Santa where everyone picks a name from a hat and gets that person a present, but no one knows who got who, then it’s off to Church for Messe de Minuit, Midnight Mass. And then, on Christmas Day, Père Noël  delivers presents too.  I like the idea of presents on two days!

canada 5



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