Cameron explores….a Christmas in Latvia and Lithuania


Priecïgus Ziemassvºtkus!  Linksmų Kalėdų!

I am visiting two countries.  Latvia and Lithuania.

Although they are very close to each other, they celebrate Christmas very differently.

One of our guides is from Latvia!!


IMG_1452 - smallIn Latvia, Ziemassvētku vecītis delivers presents.  He puts them under the Christmas tree, but unlike in Scotland, they can be opened on Christmas Eve!  I would like to get presents a day early.  But some presents are hidden, and to get them children must say a poem or sing a song, or even dance!


What would my talent be?!

On Christmas day, Latvians eat peas with bacon sauce, peas, cabbage, sausage, and bacon rolls.  Afterwards they eat gingerbread.  It sounds yummy.


Latvia had the world’s first Christmas tree!  It was in the capital, Riga, in 1510.  I love Christmas Trees, especially the ones with lots of lights.


In Lithuania, a Christmas tree, or fir tree, is called Egle, which is the name of one of our guides!  Egle (trees, not our guide) are decorated with paper straws made into beautiful patterns.

IMG_1669 - small

Egle…one of our tour guides!



Christmas Eve is the most important day in Lithuania.  Lithuanians have a huge meal called Kūčios.  It has no meat!  I never had a vegetarian Christmas meal before.  It was very exciting.  My favourite was kūčiukai, small pasteries soaked in poppy milk.

After the Kūčios, Kalėdų Senelis (Grandfather Christmas) visits and delivers presents!

Latvia and Lithuania celebrate Christmas very differently.  I wonder how my next Christmas will go?



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