Toddler Fest: Cameron the Camera Obscura Bear checks it out!



This week has been beary exciting (so far!) as it’s Teeny Tiny Toddler Fest ’15!!

I’m having great fun checking out the special exhibits and different workshops that are on.  This workshop looked at my interpretation of language!


And there were lots of me and my new duck friends in our new mini Kaleidosphere!


There is story telling in the shop. Now, not that I’m biased, but I think the story is beary good, possibly the best I have ever heard. It’s all about a brave little bear, called Cameron, and his adventures. You should check it out! What a classic!! You can even take a picture of me home….what more could anyone ask for?


There is even a quiet room which I have made great use of. I will be sad to see it go after Toddler Fest.

quiet room

The Quiet Room – photo taken by a Quiet Room user! (@kersti)


And look….. lots of my friends have come to check out all the fun too!…


PLUS, I hear there is going to be face painting on Sunday…. I wonder what I’ll get painted on my face?!




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