Teeny Tiny Toddler Fest ’18 Day Planner 1 (Food)

There’s only a few days left until Toddler Fest ’18 begins! Since you already have your tickets, you might be thinking about planning the rest of your visit.  If your tummy starts rumbling while exploring the Mirror Maze, there’s nothing wrong with stepping out for lunch and coming back with replenished energy. Here is a list of places near the Camera Obscura you might like to check out:

The most obvious recommendation for a quick bite would be is Café on the Mound, going down from the Camera Obscura on to North Bank Street, with tons of space for your pram, some really comfy couches and even highchairs for the babies.  The staff are always friendly and very quick, and the wee ones can find toy boxes and lots of coloured books and pencils to stay busy while you sip on hot tea and put your feet up for a while.

A “two birds, one stone” recommendation would be the National Museum of Scotland. It’s only a few minutes away, it’s free to enter and has a large restaurant and a café for that mid-break you’re looking for with the kids. The Museum itself is beautiful, and has countless exhibits including animals, dinosaurs, cars and planes, and much more. They have a lot of interactive stations too, if your kids would like to play and learn about our mysterious and exciting planet Earth.

The Museum Brasserie restaurant is in the basement, next to the main foyer, it has a lot of space for the strollers and the service is really good. The menu is mostly made up of main meals with a lot of Scottish recipes, including veggie and gluten free options. Upstairs on the third floor, there is the Balcony Café with a self-service counter with different sandwiches, cakes and soups. The space here is limited as the tables are all closer together, but they have big windows with a lot of natural lighting early in the day which some might prefer. They have a £1 cloakroom for buggies and big spacious lifts if you need them.

You can also stop by the Camera Obscura Gift Shop and ask the staff there for a discount voucher we have for other restaurants in the area, includes a nice little map and it has kids’ specific offers.


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