Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween……. We love everything weird and spooky here at Camera Obscura, so you can tell why we’re very excited for it to come along! Every year we decorate our building with everything Halloween related so we can join in the fun! We’re always trying to add a little spook and scare into our already weird and wonderful building!

Our shop love Halloween so much they’ve got some Halloween bits that you can pick up for yourself! Here are some staff favourites, if you’re looking to add to your Halloween decoration collection or looking for a gift with a theme!

First favourite product chosen by staff are these amazing firefly jars. They come in all different colours and would make great home decorations all year round! Even better they’ve been reduced in price by 25%, so are the bottles are now only £7.50 and the jars are only £3.50!

If you fancy getting your hands on some of these Lenticular photographs, we have around 20 different ones to choose from! They are £10 each, but are currently on offer for Buy One Get One Free! If you fancy a book of Witches’ Spells, these lovely little books cost £4.

And last but not least… an X-Ray book.

This book features a vast amount of real life x-rays of humans, animals and all things odd… very spooky and only £14.99.

If you like the look of this book, any of the other favourite picks or want to have a look at anything else we have on offer, stop by our shop!

We hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


Dragons and Egg Slime and Bags, Oh My! What’s new in the Camera Obscura Shop…

Whether you’re planning a trip here or live in Edinburgh, there’s no need to have a ticket to look around our gift shop. Weird and wonderful gifts and souvenirs abound! Here are some of the new products we have in stock…

Rescue Kits


Haven’t you always wanted your own dragon? Or sock monkey, zombie, alien, yeti, or Bigfoot? (That’s a rhetorical question.) Well, give one a home today when you pick up one of our rescue kits, containing the orphaned creature and a guide to caring for it.



Write your worries on a little piece of paper before zipping it away in the worry-eater’s mouth for him to chew on. Alternatively, hugging it or simply looking at it to be amused by its weirdness makes you feel better.


Scratch and Sketch Books

IMG_8305 - small

These brilliant notebooks for creative types contain black-coated pages that can be scratched away with the stylus to produce designs in multicolour or gold or silver. They even contain drawings that you can copy if your imagination needs a little encouragement! Choose from a variety of titles including Travel Scratch and Sketch, Monsters Scratch and Sketch, and Dragons and Mythical Creatures Scratch and Sketch.

3D Bags

Cartoon Bags Launch - SMALL

Yes, all bags are 3D, but these are a little odd – more like 3D objects trying to look 2D trying to look 3D. These cartoon-style handbags are so unusual that you’ll be unlikely to ever see anyone with the same one.

Smiley Jumpers


These are adorable. The mesh body can be squashed down so it jumps six feet in the air.



We have added to our selection of shortbread with mini Scottie dog shortbread, Belgian chocolate chunk shortbread, and a rather classy steam engine tin. Ideal gifts. (Or ideal snacks for you.)

Egg Slime


The rubber chickens that ‘lay eggs’ have always been a popular choice in the shop. Now, though, and perhaps even more disgusting, we have slime that looks like a fried egg. Just don’t eat it!

Our shop is open every day from 10am-6pm. That’s plenty of time for you to come along and grab some of these fantastic new products for yourself (or someone else!).