Harry Potter 20th Anniversary

For all you muggles out there that have been hiding under a rock you may not have notice the magic in the air last weekend. We had a great time here at Camera Obscura joining in the celebrations for Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary! Whether you are a brave Gryffindor, a kind Hufflepuff, an intelligent Ravenclaw or a sly Slytherin there is something for you at Camera Obscura!

During the weekend we enjoyed reliving our childhood magic by having sorting hat ceremonies throughout the day, where lots of new wizards and witches were sorted into their appropriate houses, Harry Potter face painting so you too could have the mark of he who cannot be named, and lots of fabulous Harry Potter gifts and sweets to buy, including a competition with one lucky winner!

It truly was a celebration of 20 Years of Harry Potter Magic!










written by Christine McCleary


Magic – Piff the Magic Dragon

We love magic here at Camera Obscura, and “Piff the Magic Dragon” is one of our favourite performers (closely followed by “Mr. Piffles”!).

We also love the legends that are Penn and Teller, so this clip taken from Pen and Teller’s “Fool Us” is an absolute treat…

What’s more, Piff will also be appearing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August. We can’t wait to see the show!

Is there any magic acts that you are looking forward to during the Fringe festival this year? Let us know in the comments (or let us know of any we don’t know about through Facebook and Twitter)…