A Great Body of Work

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The Human Chameleon – Body paint Artist Johannes Stoetter

A new exhibit in the Magic Gallery features images created by visual wiz Johannes Stoetter. The world renowned body painter tricks the mind by creating body paintings that transform his living models into objects inspired by nature including animals, fruits, flowers and more. According to the World Body Painting Championship 2012, body-painting to him is a way of “creating a unity between an image and a person”, and is made especially unique by the fact that the artwork is alive and able to move. Each of Stoetter’s art pieces are painstakingly planned and take up to 5 months to design and up to 8 hours to paint. Unlike canvas paintings however, these body-painting’s only exist for a few hours. Steal a peek behind the scenes of Stoetter creating his famous paintings The Chameleon and The Parrot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yHkAac-KG0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMwvsePCvPM


written by Maria Grenman








There’s something spooky going on at Camera Obscura…

This Halloween, Camera Obscura & World of Illusions will be transformed into a haunted house full of ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

You may may find some spooky characters going around the building and they may even offer you a special show inside the Camera Obscura and tell chilling ghost stories to make your blood run cold. Also, during the 27th October – 4th November any child who comes along to visit and is dressed up will receive 20% off admission price.

There will also be a “Thaumatrope making workshop” in the building so kids can make their own Halloween themes thaumatrope! If you don’t know what a thaumatrope is then we have added a small video to show you how they work…

We’ll take some photos to share with you and if you do visit remember to share your own photos if you find anything (or anyone!) spooky or scary.

New Exhibit: The Light Painter

We have just added an exciting new exhibit here at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. It is called ‘Light Painter’ and it enables you to create your own abstract works of art, using only light.

It is very simple: simply shine any light source at the screen and the light magically appears there. We supply three coloured torches to draw with; blue, green and pink, and a ‘space gun’ that combines colours (with a wacky space gun noise effect!).  The tighter the light source the smaller the ‘brush’.

Anything that emits light will work,  for example, if you own a phone that has a torch built in (or simply a flash for the camera), and point it at your face,  then you will see yourself appear on screen.  You can make multiple images of yourself, or scribble on your own face if you wish!  To start over and do a new painting, press the button provided.  Like many of our exhibits, Light Painter encourages you to play, experiment and use your imagination to create something truly unique.

Here are our first light paintings…

Rather sinister looking don’t you think?

We also gave ourselves four arms!

Of course we know you can do better, so please do share your photos on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter!

Optical Illusion – Chess shade Illusion

I’m sure some of you have seen this famous illusion before:

If you haven’t seen it before then believe it or not, both tiles A and B are exactly the same shade!

What? Don’t believe me? Then this video should prove it to you…

12 Amazing Things In Less Than A Minute

Never been to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions before? Not exactly sure on what we have to offer? Have you always thought “I know about the place and meaning to go but I haven’t gotten round to it yet”? Well this video should give you a quick idea of what we have to offer for you. We did this for the Science Festival last year and features Richard Wiseman and one of our guides playing around with all the exhibits we have!

Our New Blog Site!

Hello everyone!


Welcome to our shiny new blog page where we will be posting any interesting news about Camera Obscura!


To be honest we are fairly new to this whole “blogging” thing but give us time and I’m sure we’ll make this as interesting as we can for all of you to read.


Basically any news about Camera Obscura (i.e. events, new exhibits etc) we’ll post on here, along with any other news we find interesting. Don’t be afraid to give us some inspiration and give us stories of your own, we’d love to hear from you all!


In the meantime, here’s a nice picture from one of our favourite graphic artists, M.C. Escher (naturally)…

Day and Night - MC Escher

Hope to hear from you soon!