Camera Obscura’s Vortex Tunnel – the science behind the illusion!

Test your walking and balancing skills in our vortex tunnel. But be warned, you may be left feeling a tad dizzy!

This bizarre and exciting contraption works by tricking your mind and body into thinking and feeling like the ground beneath you is moving when in fact it is completely still and fixed in place.

So, to get a little more technical as to how your mind is tricked, we need to introduce the human senses of sight and touch. Contradictory messages from these two senses make it difficult for your brain to decide what is actually happening. Your visual receptors, your eyes, see that the outer tunnel is moving, while your touch sensors (in this case your feet) feel that the ground is completely still and you are not moving. These conflicting messages make you feel off balance and a little bit dizzy.

As sight is one of the most developed senses within the human body, the brain chooses to believe sight over touch. Therefore, even though you can feel the bridge is still, your eyes see the tunnel moving which causes your brain to automatically think you are moving.

Don’t believe us? Come and give it a try for yourself!!