Exclusive New Exhibit: The Autowed

Fancy getting married? Or to renew your vows? Or simply declare you and a friend are “Best Friends Forever”? Well now you can at Camera Obscura with our new exhibit, the Autowed.

No need for preparation, the Autowed will handle everything for you. Simply insert a pound coin and let the Autowed know what kind of service you want, enter both your names in the machine and it will effectively “marry” you and your partner. The Autowed will also give you a certificate and even provide you with rings!

There are only two of these Autoweds in the world and we have the only one in the UK!

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Disclaimer: Just so you know, you don’t get officially married. This is just a bit of fun!


New Exhibit: The Light Painter

We have just added an exciting new exhibit here at Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. It is called ‘Light Painter’ and it enables you to create your own abstract works of art, using only light.

It is very simple: simply shine any light source at the screen and the light magically appears there. We supply three coloured torches to draw with; blue, green and pink, and a ‘space gun’ that combines colours (with a wacky space gun noise effect!).  The tighter the light source the smaller the ‘brush’.

Anything that emits light will work,  for example, if you own a phone that has a torch built in (or simply a flash for the camera), and point it at your face,  then you will see yourself appear on screen.  You can make multiple images of yourself, or scribble on your own face if you wish!  To start over and do a new painting, press the button provided.  Like many of our exhibits, Light Painter encourages you to play, experiment and use your imagination to create something truly unique.

Here are our first light paintings…

Rather sinister looking don’t you think?

We also gave ourselves four arms!

Of course we know you can do better, so please do share your photos on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter!