Purple Friday

February is LGBT History month and today, Friday 23th February is “Purple Friday” a day for the people of Scotland to help show support for LGBTI equality and inclusion.

Purple signifies the purple stripe on the LGBT rainbow flag which stands for spirit. This Purple Friday you can take action to help stamp out prejudice.

This year’s theme focuses on the #EverydayHero the person whose small gestures promote an inclusive atmosphere for LGBTI people.

There are several ways in which you can show support, by wearing purple, having a rainbow bake sale, taking to social media to nominate your #EverydayHero, a person that makes your day better in some small way. You can also find out more about LGBT History Month events and Purple Friday at lgbthistory.org.uk.

At Camera Obscura we will be showing our support by turning our Camera Obscura Tower purple, and flying our rainbow flag over the city with pride.

We hope that you will be joining us to help spread awareness.

(Banner image from Studio Two Photography studio2photography.co.uk/)
(Image Below Taken from www.lgbthistory.org.uk/whats-on/2018-everyday-hero-celebration/)

Written by Christine McCleary



Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine’s day is approaching and we do love a good excuse for a day out or some chocolate.

Edinburgh has been described as many things – “Auld Reekie”, the “Athens of the North” and even the “Venice of the North”. Now a weekend away to Venice does conjure up romantic trips down canals but the closest we can compare in Edinburgh is when the Old town feels like a canal due to rain!

If you want to inject some fun into Valentine’s day we would always recommend to see us!

Camera Obscura is the perfect place for a fun first date or day out in Edinburgh just what you need on the run up to Valentine’s day!

We have discovered that most of our visitor numbers come from adult couples visiting together. Our rooftop views are stunning and the perfect spot for a photo or two.  It is a fantastic viewpoint for the city and you can always reenact the pose from Titanic if you want to (we have all been tempted to at some point).


The Camera Obscura ticket is also valid all-day so if you manage to get a booking for a romantic meal at The Witchery or Angels with Bagpipes (for example) we are just a stroll away for some entertainment.

Now Camera Obscura is not just fun and games we are very passionate about romance because we have been so lucky to have so many engagements at our attraction.

Our Victorian Camera Obscura has also aided with romance by helping couples propose to each other over the last few years. Either our Tour Guides or the Fiancé will be visible from our Camera Obscura will that clear and important message “Will you marry Me?”. Thankfully everyone who has proposed with us has always said yes! A record we hope will continue.

If a formal proposal is too much of commitment you can always have a trial run with our Auto-Wed. This light-hearted exhibit can “marry” you for a cheap and cheerful £2. It is not legally binding so you should be safe but does include a wedding certificate to treasure and of course a set of wedding rings.


We do hope you have a fantastic February and if you pop in around Valentine’s day why not share your most romantic photos with us via Facebook or Instagram?

Written by Christine McCleary